KevinSnatch Kevin Squat Snatches

When I program our workouts I write them with the intention of exceeding the capacities of the fittest athletes in the gym then scaling appropriately for everyone else. Community wide we are looking to create a similar stimulus for all of our athletes and to keep them all improving. Sometimes it is hard to decide you need to go lighter or do less reps but we have to look at the workouts critically and then leave our egos at the door. That way we stay focused on improving our own individual capacity.


Today's Food Journal is from Cara

830 (1B) few bites of chicken + 1/2 apple

11:30 (2B) cottage cheese, apple

3 (2B) perfect foods bar- too much fat

5pm (2B) hb eggs, spinach + apple

7pm (2B) chicken salad- spinach, tomato, mushroom + cup squash soup

9pm (2B) cottage cheese + apple sauce, gotta love dem apples



Five Rounds for time of:
185lb Power clean 5 reps
4 muscle ups