Fun and Games

Cert staff winding down after a long weekend.

We have officially begun the Cohort Competition.  With 12 teams and over 40 athletes signed up we are expecting some amazing results.  If you are interested in joining it is not too late.  We will allow late entries until this Friday.  Sign up Here or talk to a coach at the gym.

Week 1 Homework is up and we need to see everyone get on to beyond the whiteboard and start tracking their progress.  Each week will provide each Cohort additional homework.  The homework is a minimum work load and is designed to give people a place to start.  Each athlete and each team will need to be self motivated to do extra work.  If your interested in doing more but do not know were to start, talk to a coach.

REMEMBER: Have fun with the competition, play games, meet socially, be creative!



Rest Day