Be Good!

Pat doing what he does best

CrossFit Santa Cruz is loosing one of our coaches.  Pat Barber is moving to New Zealand to start a new adventure in his life.  He will be sorely missed, and we wish him the best of luck and hope for nothing but the best for him.  Pat has been with us since he started CrossFit.  His rise to super stud and web-lebrity were no surprise to those of us who know him.  He is a talented coach a supremely gifted athlete.  His energy and enthusiasm will be missed by us all.


"This is not an article about diet, something I've always avoided writing or even talking about, considering my ignorance of the topic and the tremendous responsibility that accompanies advising people on the life-altering subject of what to eat. However, herein is information from trusted sources that we can apply now to our lives. The destiny of the food we eat involves complicated cascades of events—there is usually no simple explanation. Understanding this, we will know to identify and seek truly qualified sources, lest we be led astray by the emotional hype of the less qualified"

-Mary Conover


Alzheimer's disease.pdf (290.3K)



How many "L" Pull-ups can you do in 30 minutes?

Post reps to comments. Each counted rep brings the toes over the bar ahead of the chin.