DSC09120 Dave going for 275.

When lifting heavy weight it is good to use some form of assistance.  Often this looks like Jonji spotting Dave during the bench press.   Its good to have friends.  Athletes will also need emotional and psychological assistance.  Encouraging words appropriately used can sometimes be the difference between feeling successful in a workout or not.  Try this experiment tomorrow.  Tell one person in your class one positive thing.  For example:

"I believe you will do well in this workout" or "You look like you are getting better at ______"

Post experience to comments. 


This August 28th CrossFit Santa Cruz Central will be hosting the 2nd Annual Santa Cruz Affiliate Challenge. All workouts are team workouts. The 4 categories are as follows: Rx'd, Masters (50+), and Intermediate (modified) and also a Master's Plus (60+). Last year's event was filled with amazing performances and good times.  The event is aimed at any all levels of athlete.

If you are interested in joining a team Sign Up HERE


Workout: "Chelsea"

Set up before a clock, and every minute on the minute perform 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, and 15 squats. Can you continue for thirty minutes? Twenty minutes? How about 10? Post results to comments. If you fall behind the clock keep going for thirty minutes and see how many rounds you can complete.

If you've finished the workout before this time add +1 to each exercise, i.e., 6 pull-ups, 11 push-ups, and 16 squats each minute, and see if you can go the full thirty minutes.