One Crew

IMG_5004 Tuesday's Team Noon.

Every sports team has more athletes at practice than there are on the starting line. Choosing only 6 athletes to represent us was not an easy task. Our community is filled with talented, hard working, fit people and all of them would represent us well.

The team we are sending is but a small sampling of the greatness that goes on each day. We chose athletes who have a balanced skill set, are sensible and composed, and are teamwork oriented with good communication skills.  Not to mention sheer bad assedness.

Stephen, Lucas and Leif will fill the men's positions and Amy, Gilly, and Hannah H. will fill the women's spots. Katy and Jesse will continue to prepare as our team alternates. We are exited and proud to send these athletes to the Regional Qualifier. Lets Get ready to Rumble.



Rest Day