Learning to Press

IMG_4740 Laurie using a little assistance for a stalder press.

Without a background in gymnastics some of the most basic skills can be hard to learn.  The strength, flexibility and balance required takes years to develop.  There are no short cuts to developing the control and power needed to do things like back flip or a press to handstand and it would be unrealistic to  think that we can develop these capacities overnight.  Patience and due diligence will get us a long way and the body will perform for us if we keep at it. Set you sights high and then do the work to reach your goals and make sure to have some fun along the way.


Row 500 meters
150 Double-unders
50 Burpees


Anyone interested in competing on our affiliate team at Regionals in May is invited to do the first team wod today at 11am(even if you are not ready this year, but might be next year).