My Very First Muscle Up and Midlife Crisis

DSC07070 Daina focused.

Last Saturday we celebrated my son's 4th birthday.  I had never been so scared to go bowling.  Next month, it's mommy's turn and I turn the big 35.  As I head into the full bloom of being a middle aged woman, I was having hints of a midlife crisis.  The questions that would sometimes plague my mind are, "aren't I supposed to be married by now with 2.5 kids, and in a house with a white picket fence?" 

My reality is that I'm a single mom with a beautiful son that I adore and his father is one of my best friends but not my husband.  Regarding love, I'm still trying to figure that department out.  But I've come to a conclusion that as I hedge closer to 35, I'm not going to obsess over societal or family pressures.  Instead, my goal is to get my very first muscle up. 

Crossfit has become such a positive influence in my life.  It is a community filled with truly diverse clientele and a varied exercise regimen.  Only here do you see women do pull ups along side with muscled men who do cartwheels, which is one of my personal favorites to watch.  I have never met so many smart, strong and independent women.  There are mothers who work out with their sons, wives and girlfriends who compete, and sisters who keep their brothers on their toes.  I know you're getting that I am woman, hear me roar feeling.  

I promise you won't catch me speeding past you on the freeway in a red convertible anytime soon.  But you'll probably see me on the rings, either saying a small prayer or cursing as I try to get myself up and between those rings.  One thing I've learned is that Crossfit is anything but typical, so why should any of us strive to be? 



Athlete Achievements

Diana PR's her deadlift.



3 Rounds of:
Body-weight Back Squats, Max Reps
Rest 5 minutes