Plan ahead

CFSC_823 Jesse and his athletes

The best strategy for keeping a on a good nutrition plan (which the in turn leads to better performance, I guarantee it) is to plan ahead.

When you make dinner make enough extra to pack your lunch for the next day or two.

For example; tonight I cooked up 6 burgers (grass fed ground beef) on the grill. Each Burger was roughly 5oz raw which cooks down to about 4.5 oz (3 blocks) of protein. That will feed the two of us for dinner and then lunch for the next day.

To complete the meal I threw an apple, some carrot and some celery in with some mixed greens for an easy dressing and broiled some brussel sprouts. Total cook and prep time was less than 20 minutes and fairly easy. but the best part is that tomorrow morning at 5:30 I will grab a burger, the left over brussels and an apple and be set for lunch.

Always have protein cooked and available and you are most of the way towards a zone/paleo day.

Please share your strategies for staying on the food plan. What keeps you going.

-Coach D


:30 ab mat sit up :30 plank hold x4

Run 800m for time
rest 2:00
Run 2x 400m for time 2:00 rest between efforts
Rest 2:00
Run 3x 200m for time rest 1:00 between efforts
Rest 2:00
Run 4x 100m for time rest 1:00 between efforts
rest 2:00
Tabata L-sit