Your CrossFit

DSC06325 Amy with a picture perfect deadlift.

What is CrossFit for you?  Would you ever want to compete in the CrossFit Games?  No.  Don't worry CrossFit is about a lot more than just the elite competitors.  The difference between a Games competitor and the average CrossFit athlete is easy to distinguish.  The average person has a need for competence with functional movements.  We all need to get out of a chair or pick something up off the ground, and put it overhead.  The elite CrossFit athlete is in search of a dominance of functional movements.  They are have the need to deadlift 2 1/2 -3 times their body weight, achieve 100 consecutive pull ups, etc... 

The distinction is important to understand, because our prescription is the same no matter who you are.  Functional Movements, Variance, and high intensity.  The movements are the safe and efficient, the variance is by design, and the intensity is relative. 

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For time:
100 Squats
40 Pull-ups
80 Squats
32 Pull-ups
60 Squats
24 Pull-ups
40 Squats
16 Pull-ups
20 Squats
8 Pull-ups