Working your bag?

DSCN2455 Diana appears to be un- phased while taking a pair of 35lb dumbbells 800 meters for time

I watched a great video interview of Dave Castro (CrossFit HQ trainer and games organizer) talking about training for the CrossFit games. The interviewer (Sevan) was trying to get him to say which CrossFit website has the best program to prepare you for the games competition. Castro hit home that variance was the key. He thinks that CrossFitters in genreral have a lot of experience with functional movements done with relatively high intensity. But they may not have enough variance in their program.

We do workouts in many different time domains. Which ones are your favorites and which are your goats?

Do you like workouts that are long and light, long and heavy, light and short, heavy and short, medium long medium weight?

Which domain is your bag?

Do you push yourself in time domains you hate or are not good at? Do we push you in enough different ways?

This weekend we will get to test our programing and see if it stands up to the CrossFit games test and the unknown and the unknowable.

Tuesday's Workout:


Box Jump


Hand Stand Push Up

*alternate between BJ and HSPU