DSCN2366Peter Markel demonstrating a proper jump at the end of the burpee

In general and especially with athletes competing in sporting events, athletes and coaches need to be careful not to over train.

Long distance runners don't run marathons before a race and Olympic weight lifters don't go for world records the night before the competition. Instead athletes and coaches will initiate a practice called tapering before the competitive event.

Tapering involves reduction in an athlete's workout demands in order to allow his or her body to recover. It does not usually mean a complete break from training, but it does mean a less intensive regimen.

Different types sports require different length tapering periods. Sports that requite strength and endurance usually taper for more time than sports that require speed and agility. For a CrossFit competition an athlete needs all ten general physical skills to be on tap and ready to go. Tapering the unknown and unknowable is it’s own beast all together.

At the elite level of athletic competition, such as the CrossFit games, the difference between first and second place can literally be a matter of properly timed tapering.

Our programing for the last month has been geared towards the CrossFit Games competition and this week you will see our athletes finish tapering.

Today's Workout:

Five rounds for time of
50 double under's
5 muscle ups