Stronger than Ever

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Kelsey Johnson 3 months after ACL Surgery Front Squats close to body weight well below 90

Kelsey graduated from Santa Cruz High on Friday. She heads to Cal Poly San Louis Obisbo to play division one soccer in the fall. Kelsey tore her ACL during a soccer game in late January just 2 months after I started coaching her. But it did not stop her from training hard. Kelsey has been diligent in her PT and working hard at CrossFit. It has been a pleasure coaching her. She is much stronger now, post surgery, than she was before. I look forward to the next 5 weeks as she continues to use CrossFit to prepare for college sports, and am exited to watch her in the coming years. It has been wonderful coaching you Kelsey...Good luck next year and in the years that follow.

Coach D

Saturday's Workout:
Five Rounds For time:
400 meter run
15 SDHP 95lbs
15 thrusters 95lbs