Extra Credit

Pictures 080126 033Chris Cobb squatting 195lbs.

Over the past few weeks Chris has had tremendous improvement. Two major things have contributed to his increased range of motion and performance gains. He  has done a great job of preparing for class by starting a paleo diet and he has been doing his homework by completing a diligent body care regimen.

Athlete: "Hey Coach is there any extra credit offered at CrossFit Santa Cruz...I know I am encouraged to rest so I can't just workout more, what can I do to improve my CrossFit experience?"

Coach: "Well you can subscribe to  "The CrossFit Journal" it just might be the best source for information on fitness out there. A full subscription is only $25 /yr, while there are dozens of articles that can be read/viewed for free.

Bare minimum, we hope that all of our athletes have at least read “What is Fitness".

Fridays Workout:"Chelsea"
5 Pull ups
10 Push Ups
15 Air Squats
Every Minute on the Minute for 30 minutes
* if you are unable to complete this rep scheme on the interval....reduce your numbers so you get a minimum of 5 seconds rest between rounds.