Happy People

DSC05895 Lucas and Andrew

We emphasize sound technique and full range of motion at the gym. It’sprettier to watch, it’s our best bet at injury prevention,  and it’s effective. Technique is a good measure of coordination, agility, balance, flexibility, power and speed; and poor technique is often the result of a weakness in one or more of these adaptations of fitness. Perfect technique is ideal for more than safety – it’s the most efficient way to move weight. Practicing correct technique produces favorable results in your perceived strength, because you are able to lift more when you do the movement correctly. The more you are able to lift, the stronger you feel, and the stronger you feel, the more positive energy you bring to your next workout, and to life in general.  So, not only does good technique improve fitness, and get you a pat on the back from the coaches.....it also improves your mood.


135 pound Power Snatch, 21 reps
50 Double Unders
Body weight Bench press, 21 reps
135 pound Power Snatch, 15 reps
50 Double Unders
Body weight Bench Press, 15 reps
135 pound Power Snatch, 9 reps
50 Double Unders
Body weight Bench Press, 9 reps


It has been over 6 months since we moved to our newest location. Check out this video from back in October of last year.  Post thoughts to comments.

Happy People WoD