DSC05729 Enjoying health and happiness.

With the 2009 CrossFit Games fast approaching, some of our athletes will be training with a little extra determination and intensity.  The pressure of competition, and the hope of winning pushes athletes to great athletic achievement.  To all of you preparing for the games this year, GOOD LUCK!

Competition however is not for everyone.  For those of us not competing in this years games, don't let the excitement and hype detract from our own training.  Remember one of our most important slogans.  "Check your ego at the door".  Not all of us are "firebreathers" or want to be.  We need to remember that we are all on our own individual fitness journey.  Some of us are new and are just trying to learn the basic nine movements and attend class regularly.  Others are now comfortable coming in early or staying late to work on getting more mobility and working on 'Goats'. Having the fastest times or the heaviest lift may not be the goal.  We may just want to go faster than before with just a little more weight, knowing that if we stay consistent with our food and workouts that our fitness and overall health will continue to improve for years to come. 

4 Rounds For time
200 run
12 KBS
9 Pullups