Cave Dave

DSC05031Dave keeping it cool.

Dave Leys is one of the original CrossFit fire breathers .  He was part of the legendary Team 6 crew over 9 years ago.  He was often used for the early journal articles as the model and can been seen in some of the earliest CrossFit videos. Dave recently moved back to Santa Cruz, after attending school in LA, and started training for the NorCal qualifiers in January. Since attending both of Kelly Starrett's events, Dave has dedicated himself to improving his mobility and his body maintenance. His dedication has payed of with outstanding range of motion and solid mechanics. He has dialed in his nutrition and learned that sometimes less is more. There are only a few athletes that have the dedication and drive that it takes to be and elite level athlete, Dave is one of those few.

Workout: Rest Day
Join us for a Potluck BBQ today before the 'Every Second Counts' screening.  We will start the grill at 3:00pm.
We will be closed this weekend for the NorCal Qualifiers. There will be no Saturday or Sunday Classes. Our last class will be Friday at Noon. We will resume our regular classes Monday Morning. See you all in Aromas.