DSC04945Alex getting ready.

Alex Blunt is going to the Qualifiers this week. Exactly one week after his 21st birthday. A student at UCSC, Alex is one of our stand out college athletes. He attended our event with Coach Burgener and proved that he has natural talent and learns new skills well. Over his winter break from school he endeavored to take on Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength program. We have chronicled his marked strength gains before and his improvements are noteworthy. He came to us with a Fran time near 10 minutes.  Now that Fran is his home girl, his time has been cut to sub 5 minutes.

Good Luck at the Qualifiers Alex! We look forward to your performances this weekend and your performances in the years to come.

Rest Day


Its not to late to sign up for the Human Race to support Every Child Outdoors!  Rebecca and Kai have been neck and neck for the Top Fundraiser spot.  It's still anyones game!


Join us for a Potluck BBQ on Friday before the 'Every Second Counts' screening.  We will start the grill at 2:30pm.