Mind over Matter

DSC07059 Olivia during Coach B's visit.

It is always fun to see athletes competing at their sport. Professional,collegiate, and Olympic athletes wow us with there athleticism.  One of my favorite things about CrossFit is that people who do other things in life are often doing things that would put a professional athlete to shame.

Olivia is a physical oceanographer who studies coupled physical-biological systems in the coastal environment.  She earned her PhD in 2008 in Ocean Sciences. She is married to Kyle Robertson lives in Felton and loves dogs.  She has been with us for one year and has decided to represent CrossFit Santa Cruz at Northern California regional qualifier this weekend in Aromas. She is a remarkable Olympic style weightlifter. Her technique and diligence are admirable. She is composed, hard working and tough. She is funny, smart and a joy to have in the gym. Olivia is consistently the top performing female at the gym and continues to improve. We are lucky to have her as a friend. Good luck this weekend!

Olivia will be joined this weekend by Alex Blunt, Dave Leys, and Phillip Wang.  Look for their stories later this week. And please come root them on in Aromas

- Coach D

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