Ice Ice Baby

Icing reduces inflammation and pain. It is widely used in response to an acute injury. Most of us know that icing is most effective immediately after an injury. As CrossFitters, we should also know that icing can (and should) be part of our elite body maintenance routine. It reduces the pain and soreness associated with the micro-trauma our muscles experience in a rigorous CrossFit workout which in turn, can decrease recovery time. Some basic tips on icing can be found here. If you are interested a scientific, cellular level explanation of the benefits of icing, check out this article.One of the best methods I have found (thanks to Kelly Starrett) is ice massage. Fill Dixie cups with water, freeze, and you have a water popsicle for your knee, or shoulder, or elbow, or back or...

Do you have a post workout icing routine? What methods do you use? Post ideas to comments.

-Heather Mac

Workout: CrossFit Total
Max one rep back squat
Max one rep shoulder press
Max one rep deadlift
Three attempts at each
Score is the sum of the heaviest lift of all three