The Weekend

DSC04589Olivia on the agility ladder

Food Journals are encouraged by many as a way to be more conscious of what you consume, they can also help you recreate meals that made you feel great or identify the culprits that make you feel miserable or hinder performance. Anyone who has kept a food journal knows that it can be a tedious process. An equally effective way to track food intake is taking pictures. While you may not be recording precise measurements, it has all the other effects of writing food intake in a journal with the click of a button. And just think, would you really want to take a picture of something that you weren’t proud to be eating?

Eating out is all fun and games when it’s a cheat meal, but what do you do when you are eating out and trying not to cheat? What are some of your favorite places and dishes when eating out zone, paleo or both?



Happy Birthday to Jesse Baz and Scott Amory!  We're looking forward to celebrating with the delicious birthday WOD below...

Warm up with 800 meter

4 by 100 meter build, rest 20 seconds
400 for time, rest 2 minutes
2 by 200 meter build, rest 20 seconds
400 for time, rest 2 minutes
4 by 100 meter hard, rest 1 minute
6 by 50 meter (Alternate Sprint/Walk)