IMG_0011 Tony in his second of three intro sessions.

Technique and range of motion are two very important aspects of Crossfit and are usually the main focal points for a trainer when training his or her athletes.  As an athlete, technique and range of motion are two things we need to continue to strive for every time we come into the gym because they increase our level of performance. Remember the equation…intensity=power; power=fitness; fitness=technique. The more you train the more you will come to understand this equation and how each aspect is interrelated to the others to achieve our most efficient and effective output. If your range of motion isn’t up to par, then there is a good chance your technique and power will be adversely affected and you’re performance will suffer as a result.


Workout: "Danny"

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
24 inch Box Jump, 30 reps
115 pound Push Press, 20 reps
30 Pull-ups