DSC03828Rob staying calm.

At CrossFit Santa Cruz we truly believe that CrossFit is for anyone. Not everyone, but anyone who is concerned about their health and believes in hard work. Anybody who can put their ego aside and simply try, will have great success and most likely become hooked. One great thing about CrossFit is that you don't have do believe that it works, it just works.

Rob has been coming to CrossFit twice a week for a while. During the month of March he decided to  sign up for a month of a 5 on 2 off cycle.  The results are obvious and noticed by all. During the 1300 meter repeats Rob ran his fastest mile run in 25 years, not once, but four times. He has lost 12 pounds and just completed his first RX'd Fran with time of 7:20.  He is one of many success stories in the gym. 

What are your CrossFit stats? Does CrossFit work?   Post thoughts to comments.

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