The Governor

DSC03777 What is Fatigue?

Scientists and athletes have always thought that your muscles tire because they reach some kind of physical limit. Ether they run out of fuel, or they drown in toxic by-products. However, The Central Governor Theory of Tim Noakes an exercise physiologist, argues that fatigue is an emotional response that begins in the brain that creates distressing sensations that you interpret as muscle fatigue. It has been long thought that the lactic acid by product of exercise and its build up is the cause of fatigue. I first heard about this when I attended a seminar at CrossFit LA a year ago. The speaker (forgot his name) had a volunteer hold a dumbbell out in front of him for as long as he could with one arm. His time was 30 sec. and then had him to try to hold the dumbbell with the other arm longer. I think he got 40 sec the second time, but this proved to us that body was holding back.

It is called The Central Governor Theory for the idea that there is a central governor that regulates or reduces neural activation to our working muscles to protect us from hypoxia or oxygen suffocation to any of our vital organs and cells Don't worry though, we have a really good regulation system that will stop us far from that point. This clip relates to this well. Post thoughts to comments.

WOD Video

Workout: a Max Fit USA WOD
In 2 person teams:
One rows 250m
One throws wall ball shots
Continue to switch between stations until each person reaches 100 wall balls.


30 Muscle-up for time.