DSC02211Jon in nice position.

Getting better requires effort. No one gets better at CrossFit unless they really try. Just showing up and getting sweaty is not enough. Hoping to get better is not good enough. Consistent, focused attention to the details is required. Day in and day out we must concern ourselves with the unpleasant chinks in our armor. That being said, we are simply looking for a very small amount of change daily, to affect a large change months and years from now. So no matter where we are trying to get to, the road is covered in small steps not giant leaps.

Workout: A Max Fit USA WOD
Back Squat (M=225lb/W=155lb)
Perform 3 reps on the minute for 15 minutes.

Complete 2 push-ups on the minute, increasing each minute until failure. Minute one, two push-ups. Minute two, four push-ups, so on. Score is highest completed round.