Pull The Trigger

DSC02548 Heather S. takes aim.

At CrossFit we do quite a bit of high speed movement. Many involve heavy weights and require split-second timing. Hesitation is our enemy. If we stop to think in the middle of a snatch we will miss the lift. Practicing skills and drills are an essential aspect of being able to turn off the mind during a WOD. If we spend time before a workout working on technique and mechanics, we can free our minds for the upcoming event. When we hear 3,2,1 Go...the time for deep thoughts and introspection of mechanics are over. It becomes time to pull the trigger and go as fast and as hard as possible. Having confidence that we have paid due diligence to our preparation and the only thing on our minds is finishing.

Athlete Achievements
Olivia's Muscle Up
That makes it 5 women with Muscle ups. Who is next?