Nice Guns

DSC02442Hannah looking strong

When Hannah first started CrossFit, she couldn't do a pull-up, she did push ups on her knees and she scaled all of the workouts to a lighter weight.  After almost two years of consistent CrossFitting the results are showing not only in her guns, but in her performance.  Pull-ups are no problem, she has a muscle up and she completes all workouts at the prescribed weight.  Some women are interested in CrossFit for the fitness gains but afraid of "bulking up."  This is a myth, perpetuated by a media driven ideal that is irresponsible and disgusting.  Women do not have the testosterone levels to build large muscles.  Any attempts to do so would require a genetic pre-disposition, a large amount of food intake and a ridiculous amount of heavy weightlifting (not to mention a regular dose of pharmaceuticals).  As we see every day in the gym, women who CrossFit get strong, fit and toned.  What we don't see, is they significantly decrease their risk of diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.  These all seem like excellent reasons to take even the smallest whisper of "I don't want to bulk up," throw it on the ground, step on it with your right foot and back squat your body weight 21 times. 

-Heather Mac


Back squat 21 reps

Then...find your max, 3 rep weighted dip