DSC01072Matt, Leif, Oliver, Rob and Sonny...Supermen.

"Check your ego at the door"
If you don't check your ego when you come into contact with CrossFit, one of two things will happen. 1. Your ego will go. 2. You will go.  

In order to be successful at crossfit, we need a balance of confidence and humility.  We must approach each workout with the attitude that we can achieve our goals (see dedication, focus and intensity).  Sometimes, however, we fall short of our goal for the day and we are faced with a choice... we can point fingers at some external factor that caused a mediocre performance, we can beat ourselves up for not being good enough... or we can accept our performance for what it is, evaluate it, readjust if necessary and continue on.   If we leave our egos at the door when we walk in the gym, the latter is much easier to do.  Checking one's ego, however, can often be difficult to do.  With an established definition of who you are, your ego is a sneaky, inflexible little rascal that will do anything to cling to your thoughts.  Sometimes it takes some pretty creative strategies to outsmart it.  What strategies do you use to abandon your ego during crossfit workouts?