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Hollis Hollis Molloy | Strength and Conditioning Coach

I started doing CrossFit in the summer of 2005 and quickly fell in love with it. After my first six months, I had lost over seventy pounds, got my first muscle up and attended my first certification seminar.

Once I was certified as a trainer I moved to Hawaii to help start Crossfit Oahu and coach high school water polo with my sister, Danielle.

I returned to Santa Cruz in 2006 and spent the next year coaching classes and traveling with Crossfit HQ staff. I attended and coached at several Crossfit Level I and Crossfit Olympic weight-lifting seminars. I pride myself on teaching my clients proper mechanics and I am relentless when it comes to mastering the basics.

"His ability to break the movements how I finally was able to get a pull up.... I just could not have done it without his help." —Theresa B.

“Hollis got me to pass my firefighter physical test. I will always be grateful to his dedication to preparing me to reach my goals” —Celeste S.

Danielle Danielle Mulford | CrossFit Strength and Conditioning Coach

After playing water polo and swimming in high school I earned a scholarship to play Water Polo at the University of Hawaii. In the off season in addition to swimming I tried running, yoga, spin class, and kickboxing to stay fit. I knew there was something missing from my fitness program but I did not know what. I started doing Crossfit under founders Greg and Lauren Glassman as part of my off-season training program as a senior in college. It has been the biggest influence in my life ever since.
I took my new passion and knowledge about Crossfit back to Hawaii and became the team’s strength and conditioning coach. That year my team went to the NCAA’s final 4. Now, a few years after competitive sports, Crossfit is my sole strength and conditioning program. I workout less than 10 hours per week, I can do 30 pull-ups, Deadlift 1.5x my body weight, and am leaner, faster, and stronger than ever before in my life. I passionately believe that the movements done at Crossfit are the best tools for health.

My coaching philosophy is one of support and enthusiasm. I help my clients gain better overall physical and mental health. I have experience coaching people with varying degrees of fitness levels and goals. I have studied nutrition and have an understanding of those struggling with food issues. I can help my clients eat right to stabilize mood swings and provide easy strategies to eat in the ZONE. I am passionate about helping people become, strong, vibrant, healthy and mentally tough.

I am also the head coach of the Men’s and Women’s Water Polo teams at UCSC and the only woman in the country coaching men’s collegiate Water Polo. Therefore I am available to do swim lessons at the pool on campus as part of your CrossFit training.

“Danielle can motivate you to go harder than you thought possible. She is kind and compassionate when you need it and shows no mercy when necessary.” —HB

Patrick Patrick Barber

Hannah Hannah Halpern

Heather Heather MacDougall

Jesse Jesse Bazarnick
Crossfit Level 1 certified
Crossfit Kids certified
Cell: 831-252-1316

Growing up in a very athletic family and playing so many sports growing up; I had always thought I was in great shape and a level above most of my peers. I didn’t even lift weights regularly until I joined UCSC’s men’s volleyball team as a walk-on starting setter my freshman year. I felt like the weight lifting I was doing was making me stronger but I still felt that the strength and conditioning aspect of my sport was largely underdeveloped. It wasn’t until this past year that I truly found what had been missing in all of these (mostly) wasted years in a normal gym doing little isolated movements like bicep curls or running around the gym for 28 minutes as we did before practice my senior year on the UCSC men’s volleyball team.

Crossfit has changed my outlook on what it means to be healthy and fit. Crossfit has opened up a whole new world and level of fitness that goes beyond physical capabilities. While one’s physical capabilities do grow immensely; a committed Crossfitter also develops great drive, will to succeed, concentration, and self confidence. I have seen these adaptations take place in people all across the board…from young kids to adults of all ages; from an elite athlete to an overweight and de-conditioned couch potato.

My philosophy as a trainer is to develop great focus and patience in learning the fundamental movements in the beginning. I feel safety and comfort is crucial at first in order to develop the confidence to move on to bigger and better things. I want to create the muscle memory that is needed in highly coordinated movements so that one feels comfortable performing them in the more intense workouts that I will give once I feel an individual is ready. I think many people aren’t as in touch with their bodies as they think they are and by breaking down the highly dynamic movements and repeating them consistently one learns how to control their body’s motor recruitment patterns. As my clients adapt to these challenging movements both physically and mentally, their workout programs begin to grow in complexity and intensity. As this begins to happen, clients naturally begin to start setting greater goals for themselves and it is my job to help them reach their goals. In turn, their strength in character grows and they want to achieve much more than they ever thought they could accomplish.

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Tony Tony Budding

Greg Greg Amundson

Nicole Nicole Carroll