DSC06572Jaisy and Amy looking strong.

Yesterday's video gave us a look at our past. Today we are looking at the next generation of coaches and athletes. In the photo above we have one of our veterans, Amy and one our college athletes, Jaisy. Amy may not have noticed, but she has become one of our assistant coaches. When we have large classes Amy is one of our athletes that has the ability to assist others. Jaisy one our dedicated water polo athletes has shown steady improvement over the past few months. Where will these two be in another year is anybody's guess.

225 pound back squat, 21 reps
500 meter row
225 pound back squat, 15 reps
500 meter row
225 pound back squat, 9 reps
500 meter row
UCSC Men and Women's Water Polo Fundraiser
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 5:00pm - 9:00pm,
Woodstocks Pizza 710 Front Street (Next o Trader Joe's)