PC120126Hannah and Paul at the Holiday Party.

The photo above shows one our newbies with one of our veterans. Hannah has been with CrossFit Santa Cruz for quite a while. She started her training when we where still across town at the old HQ box. Here improvements over the years are worth asking her about. There was a time when Hannah didn't have a pull up. All of you who have seen her kip, might not believe that to be true. The news is she is currently on the quest for a muscle up. Stay tuned for the video of her first. It may only be days away.

Paul on the other hand has only recently joined the ranks. He started just one month ago. It will be fun to see Paul after a few years of CrossFit.

It is always fun to get together around food and drink, and celebrate. A special thanks goes to our good looking Irish host, Pat , for putting together a great party.

Workout: 12 Day of Christmas

1-Bodyweight Clean and Jerk
2-Bodyweight Deadlifts
4-Pull Ups
5-Box Jumps
6-Wall Balls
7-Kettlebell Swings
8-Jumping Dips
9-Push Ups
10-Hip Extensions
11-GHD Sit Ups
12-Bodyweight Front Squats