DSC09117Happy Birthday Dave

How many readers of this blog have heard of C3? No? Well few ever have. When we asked Dave how he heard about CrossFit, he said "CrossFit Combat Circuit"or simply C3.  We asked what C3 was and he described workouts  a lot like a fight gone bad. Dave was an avid gym rat and these workout were his first exposure to CrossFit.  He was instantly hooked.  He proceeded followed CrossFit from Spa Fitness to Claudio's juijistu studio to the once famous research park drive suites. Since then he has spent some time in Los Angeles at Patranek's and is currently training hard for next years CrossFit Games. How long ago was it that Dave started CrossFit? His first C3 workout was when he was 19. This week he turns 29!

Let's Celebrate Dave's Birthday,and the Holiday season this Friday at 7pm at the CrossFit Santa Cruz Holiday Party