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The satisfaction of completing a workout is a reward in itself. The joy of making progress is one of the reasons we all stick around. These are personal experiences. That being said, a little recognition from our peers is priceless. Sometimes a great effort is seen by some and talked about by others. Legends are born from such stories. The motto "I'll believe it when I see it" requires that all records and amazing feats must be on video. So, we have added a new link to our site.

Athlete Achievements.

We will chronicle the efforts, and let you tell the stories.

Workout: Minute interval work
Within the first minute complete
3 Box jump,
4 Kettelbell swing
5 Wall Ball
Starting at the beginning of minute to complete
4 Boxy Jump
5 Kettlebell swings
6 Wall Ball
Continue for ten minutes. If you miss an interval, immediately return to 3-4-5

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