What is Crossfit?

Brief History
Crossfit is a grass roots fitness revolution that was born in Santa Cruz. It is a strength and conditioning program that is the brain child of legendary coach Greg Glassman. The system is built around functional movements done at high intensity with lots of variance. It combines weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardiovascular activities in as many ways as there are possible. Crossfit re-defines and refreshes our ideas of fitness.

Glassman started as a trainer in a small garage training studio. In 2002 he published a website designed to study the efficacy of the workouts. On the internet, Greg could measure, observe, and repeat his workouts and collect data from anyone willing to try the workout for free. Crossfit and crossfit.com have become an underground sensation. Thousands of participants are blogging on a daily basis.  The small garage beginning now boasts more that 700 affiliates worldwide.

Crossfit has gained popularity because it is infectious and it works. Some people are doing Crossfit on their own through www.crossfit.com, where they log on to the website and do Glassman’s workout of the day (WOD) for free. They report their times, scores and loads to cyberspace and compare themselves to the broader community.

Thousands of other Cross-Fitters are going to a local affiliate to get coached and join a community of athletes. The camaraderie and technique they get by joining a group and being coached keeps them coming back for more.

Crossfit has been featured in the New York Times, LA Times, Fitness Magazine, Men’s Health, and many more. Crossfit foundations continue to show up in mainstream fitness culture more and more all the time. The programs certifications and seminars continue to grow and sell out every weekend.