Top out

DSC07869Peter fighting for overhead.

Why is it so hard for some athletes to find overhead. Tight Shoulders? Tight Hips? Both? When we see an athlete get the bar "above the head" but not "overhead" the cue is often push your head forward. Neutral spinal alignment is not as simple as it may seem. The body often will distort one area to achieve success in others. When referring over head position athletes often hyper extend the low back to get the bar overhead, leaving the shoulder angle closed, the cue then is pull down your ribs. Is Peter is good overhead position?

Workout: Danielle's Hell
Pre workout, find your max reps in 30 seconds for the following:
Pull Up
Use your max rep count for 30 seconds as a staring point. Now complete 5 rounds on the minute of three of the above exercises, making sure to get your reps. Post thoughts to comments.