Leif working for a 100 pound pull up

This past weekend I attended the first CrossFit Nutrition
hosted by SFSC presented by Rob Wolf
It was phenomenal.

On Saturday July 26th at 9am I will report some of what
I learned as well as give a follow up talk to the Zone

Due to our focus on nutrition, our clients and trainers have
had some phenomenal results over the past few months.
Some of those changes have been posted on the website
while others are still being discovered.

The seminar helped re-spark my desire to help all of you
and I learned some new ways to tweak the Zone for our individual
needs. The food we choose to put in our bodies directly
effects how we feel when we workout and thus the results we have.

The Zone Competition made our gym buzz with talk of food,
performance gains and how to stay balanced. I want to continue
that enthusiasm and help you all take your nutrition to the next
level, whatever that level may be for you.

I believe there is a wide spectrum of reasons we
come to CrossFit that are related to what we hope to get out of our time here.
Some of us are looking to compete at next year's CrossFit
Games. Some of us are hoping to look better in a wedding dress.
While others, are training for a college sport. But, all of us want to
live longer, fuller, happier lives. Nutrition is the building block
of our fitness pyramid. Let’s keep pushing each other to eat
better, feel better, perform better and go harder.

See You Saturday at 9am.

Coach D

Workout: “Cindy”

How many rounds in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Burpee Challenge: 9 burpees today! 45 to buy-in.