The Addendum


We posted that Olin was a closet Zoner and had some
amazing results. Well that was only part of the story.

Coach D spent Saturday at the CrossFit nutrition cert,
and after class she started filling everyone in. The new
focus seems to be a strict Paleo diet. Eat meats and
vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch,
and no sugar. No dairy, no grains, no legumes, no
problem apparently for Olin. His first step toward the
zone challenge was no grains.

And to continue our story of improvement, Olin tried to
get a muscle up today for the first time. We explained
the false grip, we wished him the best of luck and watched in
utter amazement as he got 3 in a row. So I guess maybe
the next nutrition challenge should be a Paleolithic Showdown.
If it works for Olin???


Check out the Sunday class workout and get a chance to see
Olin's first, second and third muscle ups.

Burpee Challenge: 8 burpees today! 36 to buy-in.