Most Impressive Zone Gains & Losses: Scott Amory

Scott Amory was as dedicated to the Zone Diet and the Competition as his wife Kristy over the six week period. While his times have gotten faster on his benchmark workouts, his most impressive "loss" has been the 17 pounds that he shed during the Competition. When taking into account that muscle weighs more than fat, to loose almost twenty pounds in six weeks while getting significantly stronger is absolutely amazing!

Scott lost seventeen pounds, going from 280 pounds down to 263 pounds. And, his Fran time went from 9:37 down to a PR of 7:25! (He only used a rack for the first Fran.) He also scored about 60 points higher on Tabata Something Else yesterday!

Check out the before and after pictures that Scott was kind enough to let us post.

Scott at the CFSC Beach Workout on May 17th, the weekend before he started the Competition.

Check out how different Scott looks now after just eight weeks of training four times a week and Zoning strictly! While loosing weight through Zoning has been a big accomplishment for Scott, my guess is that he is most proud of his performance gains in the gym! So are we!

Scott, Thanks for setting such an inspiring example of what dedication, determination and motivation can accomplish!

Workout, for time:

1500 Meter row
50 Wall balls
1 Mile run
50 Wall balls
1500 Meter row

Burpee Challenge: 3 Burpees today!