Closet Zoner

You might have seen my post a few weeks ago that highlighted Olin's pull-ups. It was on that day, when I looked up and saw that Olin had mastered the kipping pull-up that I realized he was a Closet Zoner! I definitely had no idea he was on the Zone, but it was obvious that day as he went from zero to six pull-ups.


When he first started at CrossFit Santa Cruz, Olin was one of the most inflexible people we had training with us! But, all of a sudden, only a few short month’s later, here he was kipping up a storm. And, he looked toned, was obviously stronger, more flexible, and his cardiovascular capacity had significantly increased. As it turned out, he had started by eating less carbs, smaller meals, and he made sure he ate breakfast every morning. After a few weeks he decided to commit to 16 balanced blocks a day. Since then, he has gotten stronger, his clothes fit him differently, and his energy levels have improved. Now, only weeks after his first kipping pull-up, he has at least 11 and sets new PRs every time he works out!

Workout (I hear you can thank Boz for this one!):

Complete 150 push-ups without stopping for more than 2 seconds of letting your knees touch the ground. If either of these happens, you have to run 400 meters. How many rounds and how long does it take you to complete the 150 push-ups?

Burpee Challenge: 4 burpees today! 10 to buy-in today.