Torn Hands?

Amy overhead squats during yesterday's workout. The workout I gave was the following:

3 Rounds for time of:
400 Meter run
30 Overhead squats
15 Pull-ups

It turned out that almost everyone's hands were shredded whether it was from the Games last weekend or Angie on Tuesday, so some people substituted 3 rope climbs while other people subbed 20 ring rows each round for the pull-ups.

Kristy gives her hands a rest and ring rows instead.

Matt rope climbs instead of pull-ups.

For those of you who often workout by yourselves, it is important to be able to think up alternative exercises that have similar functions if you are injured, do not have the prescribed equipment, or simply need an easier modification. What other pulling exercises would have been suitable substitutions for pull-ups in this workout? Be creative!

Look for Zone Competition Results on Monday and the announcing of a new Challenge! This one is 100 days long and has nothing to do with food!

Have a great weekend!