Welcome Pooh!

Last week, we posted this link to Steve's Club and asked that you check out his website. CFSC's Heather Mac was inspired by Steve's blog and within a few days she helped us sponsor a young athlete from Steve's Club named Pooh. Starting this week, Pooh will be posting on our comments each day. Below, is his picture and the introduction that he wrote to us.



"Hi, my name is Pooh. I am 13 years old and weigh 126 lbs. My favorite athlete is Dwayne Wade. He's my favorite athlete because he's my inspiration. I joined Steve's Club to get fit and in shape for football season. Steve's Club is my everything."

From CrossFit Santa Cruz:
We are looking forward to getting to know you better. We are excited to welcome you into our CrossFit Santa Cruz Family and honored to have a young athlete like yourself posting your workouts and times, questions, goals, ideas and comments on our site each day!

Good luck with your training goals this summer at Steve’s Club!

Week Six is finally here! Seven more days until our six weeks is up. I don't know about you all, but I know that I have never been as disciplined on the Zone as I have been with all of your support these last five weeks. I feel like this is a way of life now and although I look forward to meals where I can eat the things I crave, I know without a doubt that eating this healthy makes my body feel cleaner, my energy better and my workouts stronger. Although it's easy to see many gains among those of you who have been Zoning strictly during the Competition, we look forward to measuring your performance gains after Zoning this long. Stay strong through this last week and we hope you are inspired to continue beyond this with some form of healthy eating, whether it's the Zone or something else!

10 Thrusters every minute, on the minute, for twenty minutes

Men use 95 pounds, women use 65 pounds