Who doesn't like cookies?

Calling all members of CFSC who like to bake, offer support, and eat cookies. We will be holding a Cookie Contest Fundraiser in conjunction with the Century Club on December 13. Cookies and beer taste even better for a good cause.

The grand prize for “Best Overall Cookie” is free CFSC dues for the month of January.

• Cookie categories
1.     Traditional (all cookies welcome, no bars please)
2.     Gluten free
3.     Chocolate chip

• Awards will go to
1.     Best cookie overall
2.     Best cookie in each category (3)
3.     Most visually appealing
4.     Judges’ choice

• How to get involved
1.     Bake cookies. Entry to the contest will be $10 per submission.
2.     Judge (3+ per category). Be on the judging panel for 1 category of cookies ($30)
3.     Eat cookies.  Tasting packages are as follows
     -       Rx’d: 1 dozen cookies ($20)
     -       Scaled: ½ dozen ($10)
     -       I’m just here to roll out : 3 cookies ($5)
4.  Donate a service or good as a prize. 

Starting today, there will be a cookie jar on the desk at the gym. Envelopes will be available for entries, judging positions, and cookie sampler donations. Entry times and containers will be released when the event gets closer. Please talk to Laurie if you have questions or would like to donate a prize.


Clean-grip deadlift and 1 hang clean @ 70%

7 rounds for time of:
7 Deadlifts (315/225)
7 Paralette handstand push-ups

Holiday Schedule:
Wednesday: last class at 5 pm
Thanksgiving: 8 am and 10 am, friends and family welcome at 10
Friday: 10 am only