Coach Darlene

Front squat deadlift workout 63 lbs 11 2012Darlene House
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I am a Santa Cruz native, born and raised. I have been physically active my whole life. As a young child I enjoyed playing, chasing and fleeing games and riding my bike in the neighborhood. In high school I tried a different sport each season. Learning new sports is something I have enjoyed throughout the years. I have been seriously into mountain biking and rock climbing as well as alternative sports such as footbag net. I found CrossFit in 2009 when I asked a friend, “What do you do when life is totally out-of-control stressful?” His response: “Work out until I am too exhausted to get up off the floor.” That sounded perfect to me! So I gave it a try. At the time pre-existing back pain concerned me, yet I discovered frequently making it to the gym correlated to less pain.

After a drop-in class at CrossFit Santa Cruz in 2010 I knew I had found something special. This is a place where form and virtuosity are prized above lifting heavy. The coaches continue to contribute to my ongoing learning and progress. There are times I have to remind myself how far I’ve come as back pain is a thing of the past and has been replaced by the good soreness that comes from a workout well done. I completed CrossFit Level 1 in 2012 and CrossFit Kids in 2013. I received my B.S. in kinesiology/human performance from SJSU and have worked as an adapted physical education specialist here in Santa Cruz since 2001.  

I truly enjoy working with people who are new to CrossFit and people with varying abilities. Past experience, age or special needs are of no consequence. Once you walk in that door you are an athlete. One of the reasons I was drawn to and love CrossFit is how easily movements and workouts can be scaled and modified to meet the needs of anyone who wants to participate. I especially enjoy helping people overcome challenges, making fitness accessible regardless of abilities.