Coach Bailey

Temp_CB_PicBailey O’Regan

I was born and raised in Santa Cruz. From a young age, I loved to play sports, participate in neighborhood games, and ride my bike around town. I joined as many sports teams as I could during my four years of high school. After graduating from Santa Cruz High School in 2009, I realized how difficult it was to balance school, work, and exercise. I recognized the need for an exercise program that did not require the time demands of traditional team sports. Fortunately, my mom had recently started CrossFit, and I quickly followed suit.

I began training at CrossFit Santa Cruz and was immediately hooked. The high-intensity training, friendly competition, and happiness I found in the gym was like nothing I had experienced before. I loved that anyone, regardless of skill level, could participate in CrossFit. During my first CrossFit competition I witnessed competitors express the same camaraderie, motivation, and enthusiasm to help others as I saw in CrossFit Santa Cruz members. From this point on, I knew I wanted to belong to the CrossFit community and help others belong, as well.

I began working for CrossFit Headquarters and attended the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course in 2012. I moved to San Luis Obispo to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where I completed my B.S. in Kinesiology. I immediately joined CrossFit Inferno where I soon began their intern process and eventually became a CrossFit coach. Over time, my passion to share CrossFit with adults expanded to kids. In October 2013 I participated in the CrossFit Kids Course, which trained me to safely teach CrossFit to kids.

Growing up as the oldest of three girls, I have always taken a leadership role when it comes to administering games and activities. As a teenager, I would jump on any chance to babysit because I enjoyed spending time with energetic, imaginative, and active children.

As a CrossFit Kids coach, I will provide fun, creative, and interactive activities and games to help kids grow physically and mentally.