Work Hard, Play Hard


This year, we are going to do the Open a little differently. One week from tonight (Friday, Feb 28), from 3 pm to around 8 pm, we will be running the first workout of the 2014 CrossFit Games season. There will be no 3pm or 5pm class on Fridays for the duration of the Open.

Each week we will pair the workout with a beverage and when we're done working hard, we will play hard. The aim is to make the Open a fun community event spanning five weeks. We will go for as many points and reps as possible, but it's important to remember that we choose to do CrossFit for recreation, fun, challenge and, hopefully, community.

Greg Glassman once told me: "People will quit a program. They will have a lot harder time quitting a relationship." So if you have not registered yet, register now and join the party.


50 super-strict push-ups in one set
5,000-m row

Super-strict = No perturbance of midline. No movement in hip, knee or head.
Use CFJ The Push-up as reference.

Reminder: No 10am class tomorrow, 8am regualr workout and 10am "little details" clinic.