Patience Pays Off


I'm not a patient person. 

I can barely wait for the cookies to come out of the oven before I'm scalding my mouth with molten hot cookie goodness. Waiting for a pie to come out of the oven? Ain't got no time for that. Warm up? I want to work out right now! I have several more examples, but they are all food related, so I'll just stop here. 
When I met CrossFit, I realized doing CrossFit takes A LOT of patience. Patience to master new movements. Patience to jump the bar overhead. Patience to get stronger. And patience to let your body recover. 
When we start CrossFit, we want to be able to do everything—instantly get a muscle-up, instantly get double-unders or instantly get handstand push-ups. The reality is that it takes time, and it's different for each person. I've been doing CrossFit for almost two-and-a-half years and it takes me a quarter of a century to climb a rope. And ring dips are a figment of my imagination. 
It's easy to get frustrated or be impatient and try to rush things. I've had these moments (meaning I've hosted a pity party and cordially invited myself to it), but really, that doesn't solve anything. 
I so easily forget I've chosen CrossFit for life. Building my numbers, getting new movements or properly healing after an injury all take time. I'm really in no rush.
We're all in this for the long run. So, slow down and let your cookies cool down!
-Kelsey K
Rest Day
Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule
Wednesday: 6 p.m. class canceled 
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