Coach Cara


 Cara Hipskind

Since the age of 5, I've been part of a team. I love to play any and all sports. When I hit high school, I narrowed it down to water polo, where I continued to play through college at the University of California, Santa Cruz, and on to a national league in New Zealand for a season.

My college water polo experience introduced me to CrossFit. Danielle Mulford (now Edmundson and co-owner of CFSC) became our coach during the 2006-07 women's season. Our off-season training was some of the hardest work I had ever done in a gym, and it completely changed my idea of fitness. During my senior year, we went on the DIII Nationals where we placed 3rd. And thus my CrossFit journey began. CrossFit Santa Cruz became my next team.

I currently work full-time for CrossFit HQ Media, as well as coach the CrossFit Teen program, here at CrossFit Santa Cruz. I began coaching at the age of 15, giving swim lessons at a local pool. My passion continued as I coached Harbor High School water polo, UCSC water polo, Junior Lifeguards (Go City!), and CrossFit. The CrossFit Teen program provides a comfortable environment for teens to understand the basic CrossFit movements with peers of similar mental and physical states. The class is designed to prepare the teenage group for any sport, and eventually our adult classes. My overall goal with this group is to have fun and instill a positive relationship with strength and fitness.

After 7 years of CrossFit, I am still continuing to learn and improve, with anything from Olympic lifting, to endurance, to gymnastics. There's something magical about Coach Glassman's vision of group training and intensity, that allows this improvement to continue. Danielle and Hollis keep this vision alive with our amazing community at CrossFit Santa Cruz.