21-15-9 reps for time of:
45 pound Dumbbell thruster

Here's the latest installment in the Get to Know... series.

Kyle Robertson usually trains at 10 a.m. He’s been known to drop by during weekend classes, too. Chances are you know him. He’s kind of hard to miss.

You’re a big dude. Your arms are as big as my thighs. Were you a bouncer? (laughs) No.

Did you play football? Uh, in junior high was the last time I played football.

I heard you’re up at UCSC. What are you doing up there? I’m a graduate student, getting my Ph.D in philosophy.

Your wife is Olivia, one of our veteran CrossFit athletes. Did you guys meet here? No, we met in college during 1999-2000.

Is her Fran time better than yours? Oh yeah! Way better. The only things I can beat her on are like one-rep max things ... Anything that’s scaled she’ll kill me on.

How long have you been doing CrossFit? Started about four years ago.

So you’re a graduate student. Are you also a TA? Yeah, I teach the Ethics Bowl and Debate Team. It’s a national collegiate debate competition based on moral philosophy and debating current events and ethical issues. So, the cases we get every year are generally, you know, things that most people have heard about. Then, I TA for other philosophy courses.

Reebok or Inov8? Reebok. That’s recent though! I wanted to try them. I hate that the Inov8’s disintegrate when you climb the rope.

Vampires or Zombies? Vampires.

Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes.

Cats or Dogs? Dogs.

Daniel Tosh or Louis C.K.? Louis.

Books or E-readers? Books I guess. I use both.

Verve or Santa Cruz Roasting Co.? Oh, Verve.

Diane, Elizabeth or Fran? Uh, Grace? (laughs). Of those three, I’d say Diane.

Gin, Rum, or Tequila? Scotch.

What’s your typical pre-workout meal? Eggs and some fruit, or, every now and again, some hash browns. But generally apples, peaches, that kind of thing.

Do you have any pet peeves? Well, my biggest pet peeve nowadays is the idea that in our public debate culture anybody just saying something turns it into a legitimate position ... We think there’s two sides to every position just ‘cause someone disagrees, even if they have no reason for it. I wish we held people in our public debate to a higher standard.

Best advice Coach D, Coach Laurie or Hollis ever gave you? Hollis and Danielle have both told me this: When you think you’ve finally got a lift, then start over from the beginning, try learning it like new ... Like I was just realizing this (with) my clean yesterday. Power clean is one of my favorite lifts, but I’m doing the pull badly because I have bad habits from trying to do it fast, so I gotta slow down and relearn it again.

If you could change one thing in Santa Cruz, what would it be? I wish we had a really good Indian restaurant.

- Dahlberg