2012 Santa Cruz Affiliate Competition

CrossFit Santa Cruz is excited to host the 4th annual Santa Cruz Affiliate Cup. Our friends at CrossFit Santa Cruz Central and CrossFit West Santa Cruz have done a fantastic job bringing the local community together the past three years and we hope to make this year just as fun. We will stick to a similar format as the past 3 years with a few minor tweaks. See below for details.

Saturday, October 20th, 2012 - 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
View Event Schedule Here. 

Three Divisions:
Advanced, Intermediate and Masters (50+). 

Advanced athletes should be able to complete most workouts prescribed on CrossFit.com without modifying. Intermediate athletes will likely do similar events to those that advanced teams do but loads and difficulty will be scaled down to be appropriate for the average, non-firebreathing CrossFitter. Masters events will be scaled slightly more. Athletes under 50 are encouraged to compete in the intermediate or advanced division.

Teams of Four:
Two men and two women per team.

View Event Descriptions Here.
View Event Schedule Here.  


Teams will have an area to setup tents, EZ-ups, chairs, etc.

Beast BBQ will be on site roasting an entire pig! They're going to be offering plates of whole hog bulgogi tacos / piri piri grilled chicken, coconut sweet potato mash and fuji apple slaw. In addition to being avid CrossFitters, Kyle and Aaron are local chef's with a history of creating top-notch victuals.