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IMG_5858Angel and her composed face

As any newcomer quickly learns, CrossFit has a way of humbling everyone, even the mightiest of athletes. We've all been there, we've all felt that, "Holy sh*tballs, how in the world am I going to finish this workout ... I'll be 80 by the time I finish this." We've all suffered.

It didn't take long for me to realize this (hello day two of my CrossFit career), but in the process of learning this, I also witnessed something really amazing at CrossFit Santa Cruz. I watched my fellow athletes remain so composed throughout the workout. No one appeared to be kicking their wall balls in frustration like I wanted to do. Instead, they pushed through, very calmly (I used to always go to class with Dawn and Iris ... could there be more calm and collected women?)

Composure can sometimes be forgotten. A few weeks ago (which may have coincided with finals), I was getting super frustrated with my inability to lift a weight that was well under my max and may have had a two-year-old temper tantrum. Truthfully, all I wanted in that moment was to sit down and make a pouty face. Obviously I was in need of a hug.

Later that day I was thinking back to the NorCal Regional and remembered watching Coach D in Event 3, when she got injured. Not only did she keep her composure and remain positive, but she then cheered on a fellow athlete who probably wouldn't have gotten through the workout if not for her coaching and encouragement. For me, that was one of the greatest and proudest moments of the weekend because it reminded me that attitude is just as important as athletic ability. How you handle a challenging situation defines us much more than an easy one. Those are the moments when we are tested and see how we overcome.

CrossFit constantly challenges us to be better people in and outside of the gym. Although it might be easier to crumble and get upset, it shows strength to demonstrate composure. Each day, I try to remember this and approach things calmly ... since none of my customers would enjoy a temper tantrum when they have yet to consume their morning caffeine.

-Kelsey K



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