Little Brother

IMG_5002Matty, one of the little brothers

Much to my chagrin, I must credit my younger brother for getting me into CrossFit. When he first started, I was training for a half marathon and did not understand what CrossFit was all about. It probably didn’t help that he was terrible at explaining what it was (aka a boy in high school who doesn’t care to be holding lengthy conversations with his older sister).

Eventually,  I injured myself (I have absolutely terrible infrastructure and was built to be digging in the fields of Germany). My workout routine became incredibly boring because I wasn’t allowed to run, jump, bike or basically be a functioning human being. I would go to the gym, go for hikes or swim, but it just wasn’t enough for me. Finally, my brother suggested we visit CrossFit Santa Cruz when he came up to visit me. Or I badgered him into inviting me along, the details are blurry.

Of course I fell in love with CrossFit right away. And I will fully admit one of the main reasons I loved it was that it was something my brother and I could bond over and compete against each other in. I would send him a proud text about my first rope climb (to which he replied, “How many can you do now?” Um, one.) We went to the Games together and when I was home for the summer, I would go with him to our local box, where he would encourage me and pretend to be impressed by my first pull-up.

CrossFit is unique because although you might be “competing” against your fellow CrossFitters, you’re also supporting them at the same time, much like what my brother and I do. I can’t even tell you how many thanks I owe my classmates who have helped urge me to finish a workout or showed me how to do a movement better.

When I reflect on why we love CrossFit, I realize it’s because of the community CrossFit fosters. We were both able to find our CrossFit families in a transitional time of our lives. CrossFit took us in and offered us a place to come in, be ourselves, learn and meet some amazing people.

-Kelsey K



Complete seven rounds for time of
7 ring dips
7 toes to bar


This Saturday, June 9, we will be participating in CrossFit for Hope. We will run the fundraiser from 8-11 a.m., and then head to Natural Bridges for a potluck and beach hangout.